11 October 2021

The adventure of love begins with Nights Under Canvas...

Shhhhh… don’t say it too loud but wedding planning for next year is getting under way in big style across households up and down the land.

If you’re someone who has met the partner of your dreams and amazingly that person feels the same way about you, you may have decided to get hitched so now comes the hard bit: Arranging the perfect day and night.

We’ve all been to weddings at fancy hotels where halfway through the night a random drunk uncle falls over on the dance floor, and they’re always great… but if we’re brutally honest those weddings all kind of merge into one in our memory banks.

So what can you do to make your special day something everyone will remember?

Anita, whose daughter Amy recently got married to Rhodri in Pembrokeshire, explains how Nights Under Canvas helped make their celebration memorable for all the right reasons.

Anita had contacted us just a month before the big day after covid restrictions meant they had to find an alternative venue at very short notice.

She explained: “The wedding that had been arranged four years ago went pear shaped so we had to arrange something with just three or four weeks to go.”

And this is where Nights Under Canvas stepped in creating a bespoke wedding village at a campsite near Stackpole for the happy couple and their guests with everything our luxury Go Glamping bell tents offer including among other things airbeds ready made up with fresh linen and pillows, a table and chairs and we even leave a special gift of Wickedly Welsh chocolate in each tent for good measure!

As for the newlyweds, well Nights Under Canvas pulled out all the stops to make sure their first night together as a married couple was as perfect as possible with our Honeymoon Suite bell tent. It came complete with a real bed and proper mattress made up with exquisite white linen scattered with real rose petals, tastefully decorated and lit with romantic lighting. We even made sure there was a beautiful bottle of fizz waiting for the happy couple to celebrate with. In fact this year we have teamed up with the wonderful Velfrey Vineyard so we can supply you with the best sparkling wine from Pembrokeshire’s finest vineyard.

Honeymoon Suite
Honeymoon hamper

“In all honesty it was brilliant!” said Anita.

“We had 11 bell tents in total with families, couples and friends staying and we actually ended up staying for the whole weekend - we all had breakfast all together, and gathered for a barbecue the following day… It was absolutely brilliant.

“In fact we all loved it so much, we mentioned getting together with the bell tents as a yearly event,” she added.

So if you want the kind of wedding where the after-party takes place under the stars? The kind of bash where after a comfortable night’s sleep, you wake up to breakfast around the campfire in your very own party village? Where the newlyweds don’t disappear off at the end of the evening but get to stay and enjoy the rest of the party and still have a luxurious wedding night?

This is where Nights Under Canvas can help. This is not wedding camping, this is wedding glamping! We have a range of packages, click on link for more info Wedding Accommodation & Events | Nights Under Canvas for the perfect occasion. Get in touch with us soon so you can tick one thing off that wedding planning list.