8 February 2022

Let’s get this (Bell Tent) party started!

Have you noticed now Covid restrictions are lifting that children’s birthday parties are back on? 

Here at Nights Under Canvas headquarters, it seems we are finding at least one children’s party invite a week buried in our kids’ school bags among the empty yogurt containers and half eaten sandwiches spilling out of their lunchboxes.

Soft play and trampoline parks seem to be the party venues of choice but wouldn’t it be great to have a party that really stands out in the ‘great memories bank’?

Well that’s exactly why we have put together our specially designed Parties and Sleepover packages - you supply the kids (whatever their age), we supply the bell tent!

There’s our Party Tent which comes with tables and chairs for up to 10 guests to enjoy their buffet food and birthday cake and we can even make sure there are indoor games and dressing-up items to keep them entertained.

Or why not choose our Best Friends Sleepover package? Airbeds, pillows and warm cosy duvets are provided for up to six children with lovely colourful rugs, lanterns, fairy lights and bunting.

But for the ultimate experience, why not upgrade to our Movie Package where we supply everything you need for a true film experience that will never be forgotten - leading to the movie tent is a red carpet with an illuminated sign personalised especially for the party. And waiting for the film-goers inside is a projector, screen and speakers and we even make sure there’s a popcorn dispenser full of popcorn for the proper movie night experience.

Movie Night Tent

Amy from Llanybri in Carmarthenshire had spotted a Nights Under Canvas post about the Movie Package and thought it would be a perfect treat for her children Alys and Efan in their garden at some point.

“I had seen Nights Under Canvas on Instagram - I spent way too much time on Instagram over lockdown,” she said.

“It was such a good idea I had it in the back of my mind for months.”

And her idea came to fruition when the Covid pandemic meant their planned family holiday had to be called off.   

“Once our holiday was cancelled I went for it and it did not disappoint,” she said.

“It just looked a little different and a fun way of making memories in the back garden.”

Nine-year-old Alys and her brother Efan aged seven invited their friends over for a sleepover movie night and “they had a lot of fun”.

“​They loved it,” explained Amy, “it was different and they had so much fun making memories.”

“It wasn't a special occasion, just a little treat over the summer. It was a perfect way to get friends together and give them a bit of fun.

“The adults could also get together as the children were safe and entertained in the tent.

“​It was fantastic, ideal for what we wanted. Spacious, well equipped and perfect for what we needed.   

“It wasn't the best of weekends weather wise however the tent was cosy and had the 'waw' factor in our back garden,” she said.

And the best thing about it all? 

“The ease of it all. Steven from Nights Under Canvas was great, friendly and helpful.   

“For the children it was a bit of an adventure sleeping out and watching movies.”

And would she recommend it to others? “Most definitely!”

It was, she said, a “​great staycation experience. I had been thinking about it for so long - I'm glad I made the move and booked it.”

“It was one of the best weekends of the summer for us all!” she added.

So if you are looking for the perfect treat for the children, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we can help your child have a party that everyone in school will be talking about! Click on link for more info on our packages -Parties & Sleepovers | Nights Under Canvas